Its main aims are:
to implement support programmes for the publishing of books and cultural magazines; to support cultural institutions, with a view to stimulating writing and encouraging the dissemination of works by Portuguese authors; to develop a national programme to promote reading, in connection with public libraries, hospitals, prisons and other civil bodies; to foster book publishing and reading in Portuguese-speaking African countries, as part of the Portuguese cooperation system; to develop programmes promoting Portuguese authors abroad through the funding of translation and publishing, as well as the participation of writers at international events within the book sector; to carry out research and produce information on Portuguese authors, which is then made available on-line;

  • to update information on publishers and bookshops;
  • to provide technical support and funding for the development of the National Network of Public Libraries (RNBP);
  • to provide information and technical services on RNBP libraries, through the Public Libraries Knowledge Network (RCBP);
  • to organise and ensure that there is access to the bibliographical collection of Évora Public Library in terms of both heritage and general interest.